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TERMOFIX 1250°С – fireproof cement for fireplaces


Dry mixture based on fireproof cement for building fireplaces of fireclay refractory bricks

90 lei 5 kg
340 lei 20 kg
Package Type
Triple layer paper bag
Package Size
5 kg, 20 kg
How to Store
In closed, dry and airy spaces on wooden pallets.
Best Before
12 months. Providing the intact package is stored in accordance with stated storage conditions.
Heat resistant cement, heat resistant aggregate, non-organic additives.
Fireproof composition for building and lining of fireplaces, furnaces and others. Endures temperatures up to 1250оС. Suitable for construction of layed fireplaces, furnaces and mantle-pieces.
Norm of expenditure: 7 kg/m3

Colour: grey
BDS ЕN 998-2:2004
Form of Delivery
Per package
To be layed on dustless and defatted fireclay refractories surfaces, when temperature is not lower than +5°С