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PUTZGRUND BAUMASTER – grund intaritor penntru tencuieliPUTZGRUND BAUMASTER — грунтовка для штукатуркиPUTZGRUND BAUMASTER – primer for plasters

Grund pe baza de acryl si quartz, concentrat, poate fi diluat cu apa, folosit inainte de tencuieli decorative, vopsea relief etc., consum: 200-300 gr/m²

Грунт на основе акрила и кварца концентрат, разбавляется с водой, используется перед пластырями, рельефной краской, и т.д., расход: 200-300

BAUMASTER Plaster Primer has reinforcing effect and provides undercoat for subsequent layers of plaster and dust control and promotes adhesion between the layers. BAUMASTER Plaster Primer contains fine quartz sand promoting good adhesion between base and plaster. The white color makes the surface equal.

766 880 lei 20kg
Package Type
Plastic pail with metal handle
Package Size
20 kg
How to Store
In closed, dry and heated (during winter) spaces, with temperatures above 5°С.
Best Before
12 months. Providing the intact package is stored in accordance with stated storage conditions.
Homogeneous mixture of ecologically clean polymeric dispersion, aggregates and other additives. Does not contain substances harmful for the environment or health, odourless
For strenghtening and creating the necessary cohesion before laying plasters and pargets, water insulation pargets and others. Serves also for cleaning the dust out of the foundation.

Consumption: 200-300 kg/sq.m
Colour: White
ITP 499-3-117/10.07.09
Form of Delivery
Per package
Do not work when temperatures are lower than +5°С and higher than +25°С. Subsequent treatment should be started only after the primed surface is dry. To be protected from freezing.