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Vopsea lavabilăBUMASTER EXTERIOR – washable paint for outdoor usage


Acrylic washable paint of great quality for outdoor use. The paint is suitable for application on cemented walls.

  • Does not contain harmful or toxic substances.
  • Water vapor passing.
  • Anti-condensation.
  • Can be diluted with 3% of water.
1000 1150 lei 25 kg, White
409 470 lei 10 kg, White
213 245 lei 5 kg, White
Package Type
Plastic pail with metal handle
Package Size
5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg
How to Store
In closed, dry and heated (during winter) spaces, with temperatures above 5°С.
Best Before
12 months. Providing the intact package is stored in accordance with stated storage conditions.
Polymeric dispersion, pigments and others
Norm of expenditure: 150gr/sq m;
Time for drying: 2 hours after laying at 20°С;
Color: From catalog. Over 10 000 colors with Swiss pigments, long-lasting and resistant to ultra violet rays. Computer-aided colorant dispensing.
ITP № 495-3-113/10.07.2009 an.
Form of Delivery
Per package
Do not work when temperature is lower than +5°С and higher than +25°С. To be protected from freezing.