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BAUMASTER RELIEF – structured exterior paint


Healthy acrylic paint for outdoor usage. Can be colored.

914 1050 lei 25 kg
Package Type
Plastic pail with metal handle
Package Size
25 kg
How to Store
In closed, dry and heated (during winter) spaces, with temperatures above 5оС.
Best Before
12 months. Providing the intact package is stored in accordance with stated storage conditions.
Polymeric dispersion, pigments and others
For laying over ground coatings at walls and ceilings. Doesn't generate condensation.
Time for drying: 24 hours after laying;
Norm of expenditure: 0.8 -1.2 kg/sq m;
Colour: white and colored
Form of Delivery
Per package
Do not work when temperature is lower than +5°С and higher than +25°С. To be protected from freezing.